What was the original poster asking for?

Personally I don't see much value in
https://github.com/simov/markdown-viewer, although I'm sure it must be
valued by the author and others.

For myself I use markdown on web pages, like forums, that allow for this
simplified formatting. So how it renders is really a matter for the site
in question. My formatting has to work for the lowest common
denominator, the person who install no additional plugins.

In this case emacs with the atomic chrome extension wins, as I can view
any website, click in a text box, press the extension button and an
emacs frame pops up and I can choose to type in either. If I choose
emacs I can engage markdown mode. The extension is written for atom I
think, but works with emacs also.

If the original poster was just looking to write in markdown, so as to
to later convert it to something else for publishing (via pandoc) I
suppose that makes sense. I would use org mode and leave the markdown
out of it.

Perhaps the point of markdown is that it is so simple that you use a
plain text editor, like whatever is bundled with your OS, and just
manually code in your markdown.


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