Ed Schouten a écrit :

Well, isn't this project, just like Xbox-Linux supposed to be informal?

'Hacking game consoles' is informal per definition, so giving this
informal wiki hosted at free60.org a corporate logo, wouldn't make it
any coolor anyway.

Well, I have a quite different point of view.

Of colurse, hacking is informal by definition. But we can look forward at the potential use of the Xbox360 running Linux.

For instance, the Xenon CPU is a mathematical beast. It will be a perfect cluster node for scientific research and grid projects ([EMAIL PROTECTED]). Letting these projects use the Xbox capabilities is sort of a humanitary cause. With such a serious reason to work on this project, the fun we get in hacking is just a plus to me.

Arthur Othieno a écrit :

Doesn't apply here.
Why not? Console hacking IS a business for modchip sellers. It IS a business for lamers. And for us, if our goal is to make computation power aviable to the masses, we could do business in cluster related projects for example...

There are better ways to do so, far from fancy logo design.
I agree, but a logo is the most attractive and understandable identification for a project. Having a nice logo could catch visitor's eyes and make them think "wow, this is serious, they spend time to work on a logo too!".


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