Yes it seems to be reported that the crashes are due to an over heating power supply. You just need to lift it so its not touching any surface area and so it gets a good ventalation around it.
If we are going to mod the 360 it would be no problem making a new power supply.
There has also been a claim that some have not got the heatsink mounted correctly... Could you imagine what a triple core CPU would do if the heat sink fell off?
We will see what comes of it on MS's end. They may release the next lot with better power supplys.

On 11/28/05, Alex Goodwin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Disclaimer: I have very little RE experience (My only previous
work in this field was with the PyMusique/Musik project)  The
following ideas are just that ideas, they may or may not be
feasable or even productive, im just throwing them out in case
someone with more experience than me can potentially make some

As we all know the xbox 360 has been widely reported to crash on
a regular basis due to an overheating power supply, has anyone
poked around to see if any sort of core dump is saved to disc or
sent to the net.

From what I can tell, many people experience video corruption
before a crash, this would seem to indicate that vram is not
checksum'd etc (and its easy to see why for performance reasons)
For this reason, the gpu may be a vulnerable attack vector
through which we could garner more information about the system?

Again, im by no means an expert in this field, just throwing out
some ideas I had on the problem in the hope someone can use them.

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