I must say I am a little lost. Where is that theme.ui everybody's
talking about ? I took the latest freeamp from CVS but I can't find anything
about a theme UI in it. Any idea ?

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> you get a pointer to the PlaylistManager in the FAContext that is passed
to your
> UI when it is instantiated. Use this pointer to add items and access all
> playlist functionality. you should also listen for the Playlist Events
such as
> AddItem, UpdateItem, and MoveItem if you are implementing your own
> manager...
> elrod
> Valters Vingolds wrote:
> > Robert...
> >
> > I was toying with UI other day, wanted to implement drag'n'drop
> > I quickly cut'n'pasted code from freeampUI to Theme's Win32Window.h/cpp,
> > the window started to accept WM_DROPFILES.
> >
> > But then I even quicker got frustrated to death, could not figure out
> > to get the filenames to PLM. Spent time looking at class hierarchy and
> > could not see a way (well, I'm not speaking inherited virtual functions
> > other wacky C++ encapsulation/data hiding stuff very fluently). Can you
> > think of something?
> >
> > Else, I think theme.ui is too damn complex. I think I'll want to draw a
> > hierarchy diagram.
> >
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> > Valters "WaTT" Vingolds

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