> I just recently firehosed my stupid sparc box at work and replaced it w/
> a linux box and I wanted to see this new theme.ui. All I can say is wow.
> I did a checkout two days ago and I've been really impressed... Looks so
> cool.

I'm glad you like it -- we're still ironing out some kinks in the themes.
Also, the theme that is in there right now is a place holder -- our artist
is working on the 'real' default theme for freeamp. That should look

> Are there any docs abt "how to make a theme"? I like the choice of xml.
> but I tried to read one of the .fat files after uncompressing it. What's
> the data before the .xml?

Data before XML? How did you uncompress the theme? Did you use MakeTheme -d?
I don't think there is a makefile for unix yet for that program. In order to
compile it you need ui/theme/src/ThemeZip.cpp MakeTheme.cpp and all the
sources from lib/zlib/src.

There are currently no docs on how to make one. I will not be able to get
around to writing a FreeAmp Theme HOWTO until after we go into beta -- sorry
I lack the time. However, Valters figured out how to use the themes without
*ever* asking me question. So, its possible to learn from the themes that
are currently in CVS. Take a look at the file and start changing some things
and see what happens. :-) Sorry, that's the best I can offer for the time

Hey Valters, would you be interested in writing a HOWTO for freeamp themes?
You seem to have a good grip on the subject. :-)

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