So am I. :)

Oh, I'm not supposed to say that, am I...hehe. How's this:
Oh man you should see what's on my screen. Totally incredible - puts those
copycats to shame!

Don't worry I'll come up with something. At least one version similiar to the
what you have (grey plastic), one version like the new 2.0 designs (slick
brown) and one or two new ones - probably glossy slick, possibly
glass/aluminum. We'll see. (And there will be nice versions for the new users
and obfuscated artsy versions for myself.


Mayhem & Chaos Coordinator wrote:

> The deadline for the first (even if a rough draft) version of the theme is
> Saturday. Sooner would be better. Then the final themes to be included in
> the distro will be due a month later.
> I'm really curious to see what you will come up with.
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