>>>>> "Scott" == Scott Thomas Haug <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Scott> If ID3.py only handles id3v1 tags, that makes a lot of
    Scott> sense.  If it handles id3v2 tags as well, I'd love to see
    Scott> that code!  id3v2 /is/ pretty, ahem, "feature-rich", which
    Scott> is probably one of the reasons it never caught on as much
    Scott> as it did (many complain it is "over designed" and too
    Scott> complicated to implement easily).

Oh, it does only handle id3v1 tags. I know id3v2 is way
over-engineered, and I don't blame you for making the source huge. I
just thought it was funny. :)

Good job on implementing id3v2! I know I looked at it and shuddered
when I thought about implementing it in Python.


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