Sorry to bother you guys again about this bothersome issue of loading time for
freeamp. But since all these new versions are coming out I would definitely like to
see FreeAmp load up in a reasonable amount of time. I have very little programming
skills so I will not be able to do any coding to cut down the loading time, and I
certaintly don't understand why it takes so long to load. WinAmp loads up quickly
and so does RealJukeBox, and Real Player.

When I load freeamp the "hourglass" shows on the mouse cursor for a little bit but
then it goes normal, but FreeAmp will not be on yet, it generally takes 30 seconds
after the hourglass disappears before free amp is up. I have a 433 MHz celeron
processor, 64MB ram.

If I knew how to program really well, then I would try to code it myself.



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