Ah!  Sorry I didn't catch that the first time around. 

I've taken the first baby step toward this with the NATL demo site.
Basically I've mirrored the yp.icecast.com home page in NATL format.  You
can browse it at http://natl.myip.org/~dsweet/Icecast/index.natl  I plan
to add more mirrors as time (and permission) allows.  Once users can be
identified via NATL, customized content could be delivered to the NATL

The goal, of course, is to have the audio content providers using NATL
directly so that their content comes to the user already organized (rather
than necessitating some intermediary index site).  Also, NATL page can
contain meta-data that aids in indexing.


On Thu, 13 Jul 2000, Milan Cole wrote:

> I meant that you could create an interface to the metadirectory that
> accessed the XML listings... it could then be presented in software
> interfaces (Media players - WM/Real/QT/Winamp/Freeamp/Other MP3) or hardware
> interfaces (kerbango) or a www interface - all of which would be connected
> to the Internet to stay constantly updated. I'm just wondering how difficult
> it would be to create an "audio search engine" that could query the existing
> directories and put their content into a NATL type format.
> Milan


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