On 24 Aug, Mark Lehrer wrote: 
> No luck, unfortunately!  (*mms works fine).
> Note: the titles come across as id3v2 tags at the beginning of each
> mp3 file... perhaps this is a different way of doing it?
> Can you give me a super brief description of how it locates the title,
> and which cpp files to investigate?  Is the tstream thread used for
> this, or is it in HttpInput?

There are three different ways to get titles from a stream:

1) icecast style title streaming: io/src/tstream.cpp there are fixes in
 CVS that are not out in other source dists. Icecast uses a completely
 different socket connection to transmit metadata.
2) shoutcast style title streaming: io/httpinput/httpinput.cpp. This
 uses embedded metadata. Read WorkerThread at the bottom of the file
3) Pulling id3 tags from streamed files. FreeAmp does not do this. If
 you'd like FreeAmp to do this, please send us a patch.

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