OK I figured out how to extract the title from the httpinput stream;
but I'm not quite sure where to apply the title.  It looks like
currently it only sets it when you advance to the next item in the

Unfortunately, the stream appears as one infinite entry, it looks
like it might never make it back to that part of the loop.  Is this

This is the kind of question that I usually figure out about 30
seconds after hitting the send button btw.  8^)


   On 22 Aug, Mark Lehrer wrote:
   > Hello!  I just got rid of xmms forever and I'm quite enjoying freeamp.
   > Finally, fonts I can actually read.
   > The only feature I like in xmms is the title streaming.  Is there
   > active work on this?  If not, I can try to hack it in.  It doesn't
   > look like a difficult job to read in the id3v2 tags.

   FreeAmp 2.0.8 supports shoutcast style title streaming, and I just
   applied a patch to fix the icecast title steaming. If you check the code
   out of CVS the titlestreaming should work ok.

   Let me know if you run into any problems.


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