I may be wrong on some of the specifics but this is what
I've found.  I've successfully gotten FreeAmp to switch
between multiple bitrate mp3s.

The problem really is that the pipeline is setup based on
the first few frames of data received.  It would be
possible to signal the change through RTP, but I believe
all mpeg audio uses the static payload type 14.

So, you could have the code check each packet for it's format,
but I think I tried that once, and the overhead was way too high.

A more complicated solution would be to modify Obseqium to set
the Market bit in the RTP header when it's about to change format.
Then just have the player reconfigure the decoder when it 
detects the Market bit in the stream.

Anyone else have suggestions.

Dave Chapman wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm not sure if this problem is bug in Freeamp, Obsequiem or a limitation of
> the RTP protocol.  Hopefully someone on this list can help.
> I'm using Obsequeium (v0.3.0 - Debian x86) and Freeamp (2.0.7 - Win98).  My
> Obs database consists of a mixture of MP3 and MP2 (iMpeg 1, Layer II) files.
> The mp2 files (is that the correct name) are direct recordings from Digital
> Satellite radio broadcasts (which broadcast using layer 2 audio - I don't
> perform any re-encoding on the stream).
> Individually, the mp2 and mp3 files stream and play fine using Obsequiem and
> Freeamp.  However, when the two different formats are mixed in the playlist,
> Freeamp doesn't seem to recognise the change in format.  Playing an mp2 file
> after an mp3 file gives silence, and playing mp3 after mp2 gives garbled
> sound.
> In both cases, pressing stop and play in Freeamp fixes the problem and the
> audio is perfect again.
> Can anyone suggest where the problem lies?
> Best wishes,
> Dave.
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