Valters Vingolds <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> On Wednesday 14 March 2001 10:11, Colin Marquardt wrote:
> [SKIPd]
> > What would I use, however, to *create* ID3v2 tags?
> > id3lib/id3v2 from sourceforge? Does it really work? A few months
> > ago, I heard that id3lib wasn't really up to speed yet, and it seems
> > there hasn't been a new release since then...

> Well, to create ID3v2 tags you use a dedicated tagger. I last tried Helium 
> tagger - worked more or less fine. id3v2 lib should be fine, also. so... 

Helium seems to be Windows only, so NO WAY.
But thank you anyway.

> I think it would be really fun if we hacked Musicbrowser to support editing 
> v2 tags. It's tag editor right now is quite powerful.  (powerful means quite 
> good mass-editing capabilities)

Isaac said it is supposed to do that, so once it is fixed (Rob is
right, a short test shows that it is not really writing tags) it
should be fine.


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