On Friday 03 September 2010 01:32 am, Ian Smith wrote:
> http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/acpi-debu
>g.html ===
> _OS dependencies
> Some AML assumes the world consists of various Windows versions.
> You can tell FreeBSD to claim it is any OS to see if this fixes
> problems you may have. An easy way to override this is to set
> hw.acpi.osname="Windows 2001" in /boot/loader.conf or other similar
> strings you find in the ASL. ===
> It may be worth trying setting hw.acpi.osname to "Linux", or to one
> of the others mentioned in your ASL.  You'll see a number of
> conditional tests on 'OSYS' in there; I don't know just what they
> do, but it can't hurt to experiment.
> Try 'Windows 2001' also; there are some tests in the
> EmbeddedControl section mentioning an RFLG and VIST .. clearly the
> latter refers to Vista, but Windows 2001 zeroes RFLG, otherwise
> set. (just guessing!)

hw.acpi.osname is for \_OS and it does NOT influence \_OSI at all.  
They have totally different semantics although MS is advocating \_OSI 
is some sort of improved version of \_OS, unfortunately.  Some BIOSes 
use both \_OS and \_OSI (e.g., \_OS for old Windows and \_OSI for 
newer Windows).  Because of this problem, ACPICA just matches any 
known Windows OSIs for maximum compatibility. :-(

FYI, in the latest ACPICA in CURRENT, we can install or remove OSIs 
from OS but the FreeBSD part is yet to be implemented.

Jung-uk Kim
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