I happen to be the owner of a brand new Lenovo Thinkpad X220. From a
recent thread here I gather it almost works with FreeBSD, and the
remaining problems are screen brightness and screen left unpowered at
resume. Is that right?

So my question is, how can I help make progress in any of these area?
(though I admit I'm more interested in having the brightness problem
solved than the resume one)

I don't know anything about ACPI or about FreeBSD or Linux internals,
but I'm quite proficient in C and somewhat used to navigate in unknown
huge code bases.

So I guess the first steps to help would be to first learn stuff.

However I don't have much time available. I guess FreeBSD 11 would reach
end-of-life before I could reach a level of understanding I find
satisfying (though I admit I have high standards there), so I would have
to prioritize. So my question is rather *what* should I learn to provide
help as soon as possible?

For example, if the brightness issue is just a matter of extracting the
right numbers from linux kernel code and plug them into FreeBSD, I
probably won't need to learn anything more about ACPI than what I would
gather looking at the code. I guess if it was that simple someone would
have already done it, but that illustrate well my point about
prioritizing learning.

Or is the barrier of entry too high for me to be of any use?

Thanks in advance for your advice,
Natacha Porté
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