On Wed, January 22, 2014 13:32, Larry Baird wrote:
> I have a protoype board from PC Engines for their upcoming APU board.
> The board runs fine under FreeBSD 8.4 release but fails to boot using either
> FreeBSD 9.2 release or FreeBSD 10.0 release. Verbose boot seems to indicate
> issue is with ACPI.  I am working with PC Engines to get FreeBSD up and
> running on their board.  Hopefully attached information is enough to
> determine issue with BIOS. I'll then feed this information back to PC
> Engines so they can provide the information to their BIOS provider.


may be related, I tried FreeBSD amd64 on soekris atom based board, and I needed 
to have this on my
kernel for it to boot: http://wiki.soekris.info/Net6501_freebsd

may this will help.



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