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>> My semantics may be wrong on these two: what I'm talking about is
>> what is in handbook chapter 8 "Using command line utilities " gives
>> you a disk which doesn't boot.
>Ok; of those two examples, the first should give you a truly dedicated 
>disk.  (You can only generate a "dangerously dedicated" disk with 
>What fails?  Can you be more specific?  How recent are your boot1/boot2 
>blocks?  I would be inclined to dd at least 8k over the front of the 
>disk myself, but I don't think that's relevant in your case.

Disk error #1 while trying to load boot/loader.  I think the bios
in this case trust the 50000 in the length field of the mbr.

We really need commandline tools that can do this...  And without too
much magic please...

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