> >What fails?  Can you be more specific?  How recent are your boot1/boot2 
> >blocks?  I would be inclined to dd at least 8k over the front of the 
> >disk myself, but I don't think that's relevant in your case.
> Disk error #1 while trying to load boot/loader.  I think the bios
> in this case trust the 50000 in the length field of the mbr.

Any better luck after enabling "LBA access" in boot1 as a build
option (added back a few weeks ago), or does the BIOS not support

BTW: Is this a genuine hard drive, or some form of disk-on-a-chip?
I seem to recall the BIOS geometry in some cases uses a small number
of sectors per track, which may push part of the 'a' partition
beyond the 1023 CHS limit.

Anyway, if some debugging code would help here, let me know.

Robert Nordier

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