Well, autumn and winter is on us pretty soon.  At least on my
lattitude that means hot tea inside warm and cosy houses while the
elements do their best to make life misserable for anything still
left on the outside.

Here are some tasks which could put an evening or more to 
productive and educational use for interested kernel hackers.

They may also make a nice assignment for CS classes.

1.      [easy] The SLIP device/interface could use the same
        makeover as tun, bpf and pty has received. (see also #5)

2.      [easy] The PPP device/interface ditto. (see also #5)

3.      [easy] The snp/snoop device/interface ditto.

4.      [not quite easy] The CCD device ditto.
        Earn brownie points:  Make ccdconfig use sysctl instead of
        libkvm to read back configuration.

5.      [unknown] The I4B devices ditto.  Contact [EMAIL PROTECTED]
        before starting on this one.

6.      [medium] The TUN, SLIP and PPP interfaces should probably
        clean up all the way including a if_detach on last close.
        Earn brownie points: Do The Right Thing for SNMP.

7.      [medium] The current naming for ptys doesn't scale that
        well.  Changing it to ttyp%d / pty%d would probably be a
        good idea in the long run, but the ramifications are
        relatively widespread (think: "ports")

8.      [pretty easy] Track the API documented in draft-mogul-pps-api-*.txt
        and implement it in FreeBSD.

9.      [all winter] Write a proper DEVFS based on the new dev_t,
        which handles chroot/jail partitions and clone devices and
        has interface to a "devd" daemon which can DTRT when devices
        come and go.

Have at it, and send patches with send-pr...


Poul-Henning Kamp             FreeBSD coreteam member
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