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>On Sunday, 15 August 1999 at 12:27:57 +0200, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
>> Well, autumn and winter is on us pretty soon.  At least on my
>> lattitude that means hot tea inside warm and cosy houses while the
>> elements do their best to make life misserable for anything still
>> left on the outside.
>> Here are some tasks which could put an evening or more to
>> productive and educational use for interested kernel hackers.
>> They may also make a nice assignment for CS classes.
>> 1.      [easy] The SLIP device/interface could use the same
>>      makeover as tun, bpf and pty has received. (see also #5)
>Care to explain (read: document) the makeover?  That would make this
>and the following tasks even simpler.

Please examine the most recent commit to tun, bpf or pty.  That
is much easier than me explaining it.

>> 7.      [medium] The current naming for ptys doesn't scale that
>>      well.  Changing it to ttyp%d / pty%d would probably be a
>>      good idea in the long run, but the ramifications are
>>      relatively widespread (think: "ports")
>Is there any reason not to have both names, at least for the first 256

Size of /dev directory maybe ?  I dunno, who ever implements this
can do it however they like...

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