> Rodney W. Grimes writes:
> >What verion of the cvs binary are you running (cvs -v)?
>   Concurrent Versions System (CVS) 1.10 `Halibut' (client/server)
> >Are you getting a copy of CVSROOT? 
>   yes...as part of src-all, but it's not used as *my* CVSROOT.  

What is the content of *your* CVSROOT/options file?

>   Let's go back to the beginning here.  Is my cvs responsible for
> expanding the $FreeBSD$ tags, or are they supposed to arrive in my cvs 
> repository already expanded? 

Your cvs is responsible for expanding the $FreeBSD$ tag when it needs

> If my cvs needs to do it, then I presume 
> I need to add some options to my CVSROOT to make that happen.  If so,
> is there a description somewhere of what I need to steal out of
> FreeBSD's CVSROOT that will make it happen?

The file CVSROOT/options should contain:
gndrsh:root {743}# cat options
gndrsh:root {744}# 

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