At 9:58 AM -0700 1999/9/17, Matthew Dillon wrote:

>     It seems pretty clear to me that this benchmark has been designed
>     to show-off the netapp in the best possible light and its competitors
>     in the worst possible light.  Well, ok, that may be an overly-harsh
>     assessment, but it is still true to some degree.  The benchmark is
>     seriously flawed.

        Might I then request that you help rewrite it so that it performs 
a much more comprehensive testing of OS/filesystem throughput? 
Myself, I'd really love to see something that lets you seriously 
stress your system along the lines of Greg Lehey's rawio, but instead 
at a higher level.  IMO, bonnie sucks worse than postmark, although 
they're measuring different things.

        Although it should certainly be forking, whether forking or not I 
can tell you that creating huge directories is not necessarily a bad 
simulation of a heavily-used mail server.  I've seen mail servers 
with over 100,000 files in /var/spool/mqueue, both at former 
employers (like AOL), and at former customer sites (such as some of 
the largest freemail providers in the world).

        I can't speak for anything else that the program is supposedly 
testing, but at least this aspect of performance is one of the most 
common, and yet most easily dealt with, problems I have run across in 
all my years of managing large mail systems.

        That's why directory size is #1 on the hit parade in the 
presentation I occasionally give entitled "Sendmail Performance 
Tuning for Large Systems", most recently given at SANE'98.  See 
<> if you 
want copies of the slides.

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