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vans writes:
>> I remember this one too.  I think the problem is that we fail to 
>> service the RTC intr for some reason.  This patch was only a 
>> workaround, and received a verbal broadside from Bruce if I
>> remember right.
>> Maybe it should be added under a sysctl until a better solution
>> is know.
>> --- clock.c  Sat Sep 18 22:41:40 1999
>> +++      Sun Sep  5 13:21:35 1999
>> @@ -203,4 +203,6 @@
>>  clkintr(struct clockframe frame)
>>  {
>> +    while (rtcin(RTC_INTR) & RTCIR_PERIOD)
>> +            statclock(&frame);
>>      if (timecounter->tc_get_timecount == i8254_get_timecount) {
>>              disable_intr();
>Use a watchdog timeout like you should for any device that may hang.
>Don't waste time running it every clock tick.
>ISTR that we thought that the bug might be caused by a bug in unwanted
>SMI interrupt handling.

If anybody can reproduce this reliably on a *BX chipset I have
code that will block SMI interrupts we can test with...

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