In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Mike Smith writes:
>> >Use a watchdog timeout like you should for any device that may hang.
>> >Don't waste time running it every clock tick.
>> >
>> >ISTR that we thought that the bug might be caused by a bug in unwanted
>> >SMI interrupt handling.
>> If anybody can reproduce this reliably on a *BX chipset I have
>> code that will block SMI interrupts we can test with...
>I'm not sure I follow what the alleged problem is here; who is handling 
>the "unwanted" SMIs?  If it's the BIOS, the last thing you want to do 
>is block all SMIs. 

The problem is that the RTC stalls.  It is suspected that it could
be long SMI durations which is responsible for this.  To confirm
the diagnosis disabling SMI is feasible.

You system will not blow up if you disable SMI, I have a system
happily chugging away here with SMI disabled for a month.

Doing so even idiot-proofs the soft-off button :-)

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