Brian Somers wrote in message ID
> > I have some experience (from anti-spam mailing lists) of ISP's who
> > are quite prepared to open port 25 for customers who ask. This is
> > very good; SMTP has no authentication at all, and it is this
> > "free-for-all" feature that spammers abuse. However - with a view
> [.....]
> I belive sendmail-8.10 will have smtp authentication built in.  
> There's an rfc too (2554) but I can't say that they're the same thing 
> for sure.

There are two `standards' from SMTP Auth out there ... one by Netscape
(which is that rfc), and one by M$.  To date, only Netscape 4.5 and
higher (I believe), and products from (i.e. InterMail)
support the netscape version (although I haven't looked in a few
months, so I could be wrong).  M$ Exchange and Outlook and so on
support the M$ version of SMTP Auth, although I've been told that the
two use different commands so (in theory) you can support both on the
same box, althgouh I don't know of anyone planning or doing that.

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