Chris Costello wrote:
> >     If one can't control one's users, one has no business managing them.  
> > The
> >     last thing FreeBSD needs is some overly complex, sophisticated scheduler
> >     designed to help bozo sysops stay on their feet.
>    I agree with you very much here.  Public shell systems are a
> bad idea.  In my opinion, you should trust someone before you
> allow them to have an account on your system.

What you really mean is that "FreeBSD is not a solution for public
shell systems", correct? Public shell systems is not a bad idea,
it's a business opportunity and a public service. If the OS is not
up to the task, don't blame the task.

Daniel C. Sobral                        (8-DCS)

        "nothing better than the ability to perform cunning linguistics"

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