On 10/20/2013 20:58, Julian Elischer wrote:
> Kris.  exactly what features need to be added to the boot process to
> allow
> what you want to do, but without using grub?

Here's a list of the features we are using from grub:

For install medium:

* Hybrid DVD ISO/USB image in same file
* BIOS / UEFI loaders on same image
* Graphics support

For installed system:

* Script-able ZFS BE menus
* Options for setting default timeouts / default BEs to load, etc
* Script-able menu to boot other OS's, such as Windows / Linux
* Loads before kernel
* Graphics support (I.E. countdown indicator, wallpapers, arrow-key
support, etc)

If the native loader is able to handle the ZFS BE stuff, then I don't
see a reason why I can't make it an option in the installer, even
without graphics and the other niceties that grub brings. Is this
working in the stable/10 branch now?

Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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