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Hello, Daniel.
You wrote 8 октября 2013 г., 19:40:23:

DN> If they get the package repositories back up - which I assume will
DN> happen before any official releases from 10 - it should just be "pkg
DN> install rcs". As challenges go, that doesn't seem too bad?
   Topic starter mentioned, that assumption that everybody has online
  connection is completely wrong! As far as I understand, it was his main
  objection -- they have a lot of offline computers at work (something
  related to Security Theatre by DHS, but who am I to judge them?).

   And you again says about "pkg install rcs" which needs internet

// Black Lion AKA Lev Serebryakov <l...@freebsd.org>

I was answering Alfred Perlsteins claim that FreeBSD is "a chore to
install packages into". I agree that it won't work without an internet
connection (or a local package repository), but that's hardly a
problem limited to FreeBSD.

Anyway, it seems likely that we'll get OpenRCS in base, hopefully
making everyone happy.

if it doesn't make it then we need RCS back....
and it should be back now waiting for OpenRCS... until then there is a hole..

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