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> You're using a DNS feature which
> isn't well adopted/supported and you haven't provided a fallback
> legacy, well tested path.

But SRV has been widely deployed since… before 2000? It’s literally the 
backbone of Active Directory deployments. Here’s a list of things that his 
company’s network design probably breaks:

* Office 365 (cloud Exchange hosting by Microsoft; requires you use SRV records 
to get your company’s clients pointed to their cloud infrastructure)
* SMTP, IMAP, and POP clients should also obey published SRV records. Not sure 
how many clients really do, though.
* Teamspeak 3 doesn’t force you to use SRV, but you can use only SRV records
* Minecraft
* Last I knew IRCv4 specs are slated to include SRV as a core feature

I can’t speak for the caching issues, but SRV is pretty active and only getting 
more popular because things like “round robin DNS” are a horrible, ugly, 
unreliable hack and things like Anycast or Geo-DNS isn’t always feasible.

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