Peter Wemm wrote:
> The biggest problem is that it re-opens a security hole that
> was explicitly patched in procfs.

then look at the hole, don't remove it.
That's throwing the baby out with the bathwater..
It's a godsend when trying to run Linux binaries.

> Also, the way I see it, the linux procfs should probably only be  
> visible to linux sysvec processes...  

I think that you're overly compilcating things for the sake of an 
aesthetic argument.

> It would be a damn shame to let
> /compat/linux/procfs "sneak in" to the expected system 
> requirements for bsd
> programs so that developers can use the easy way out rather than doing
> something properly.

That's extremely unlikely as most systems wouldn't have it..
Since I need it, I thought all my christmasses had come at once
when I found it in the system as standard!
 The old port was cumbersom, always got out of date, and was 
not automatically updated when you rebuilt everything leading 
to lots of hours wasted looking for the reason for crashes.

I can see moving it out to where the rest of the linux emulation 
code is but to remove it entirely seems the typical viking axe 
bloody-minded behaviour that's getting too familiar.

> > Julian
> Cheers,
> -Peter

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