On Thu, 23 Jan 2014, Jakub Lach wrote:

I plan to stay some time on 9.2-STABLE (already pkgng and clangfied) waiting
maybe till next release from 10-STABLE tree, however 10-STABLE will be where
I will be eventually heading, so notes in this spirit are valuable reminders
at least, I appreciate it.

My experiences converting a couple of systems from 9-STABLE to 10-STABLE over the last couple of months were really pretty easy. These were source updates for both base and ports. Despite changing from pkg_* to pkg and KMS X drivers at the same time, it was surprisingly smooth.

If you have devel/ccache installed, remove it before starting, though, it has problems with clang. Using -DNOCLEAN with an existing /usr/obj can go even faster than ccache: less than two minutes for a buildworld on my frequently updated i5/SSD system, sometimes less than one minute.
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