On 1/24/2014 11:31 AM, Mark Felder wrote:
I agree with the rest of this thread. This is just awful. I'm basically
forced to do source based updates when jumping major versions because
freebsd-update is a nightmare to use.

I've yet to go through a freebsd-update process that didn't require a manual clean-up afterward. It's easier (and faster) to build an obj tree on my desktop, ship it to my servers via NFS over a tunnel.

Another scenario I've run into more than once:

- Install release m.x
- Realize there's a kernel/driver bug, fixed in m-stable
- Source upgrade to m-stable
- Release m.z happens, contains fix
- Freebsd-update upgrade to m.z

The updater will discover that all of /etc differs by $Id tag. A few will have non-edit differences. The rest are either default-empty files or files not found in the distribution (pf.conf, sshd keys, etc.). Freebsd-update will force me to manually approve every single change.

With mergemaster, automatic upgrade takes care of all but the edits and provides a MUCH nicer diff editor for those. Mergemaster is a <1 minute process, even on I/O-constrained hardware.

I understand that when freebsd-update was written there were "some problems" with the existing install/merge tools used for source upgrades; but I have to wonder: what issues could be so bad that the above is the lesser evil?

Freebsd-update's merge needs to learn what mergemaster's can do. Until then, freebsd-update is a non-starter, IMO.
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