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> >> Hm, which port is having problems with this?  I have built quite a large
> >> set, and never encountered this issue.
> >>
> >> In any case: yes, it is quite long overdue for a libc++ update. :-)  I
> >> will have a look tonight.
> >
> > New version of games/spring (not in ports yet).
> Can we expect a current version of spring in ports soon? That would
> be nice!

Yes and no. The port is ready, however it's unstable - it crashes on
start in most cases, however if it doesn't crash on start, it'll work
without problems. I don't think that's suitable for ports, but since
94.1 which is currently in ports has build problems, it may be least
of two evils.

For now, the port is available for testing here:


> AFAIK newer versions require OpenMP. Will this compile with
> our (new 3.4 soon) base clang?

It compiles fine, so either they doesn't use OpenMP or it's
optional, haven't investigated.

The cause for clang 3.4 experiments is the instability mentioned
above. Disassembly shows that it crashes on thread-local storage
access because a null pointer is used as TLS location for some
reason. I though that it may be a clang 3.3 miscompilation and
tried 3.4, but there's that libc++ problem.

We can't also build it with GCC, as it depends on boost which is
built with clang and is thus incompatible with GCC-generated code.
GCC has another problem, see my following forwarded mail, but that
can be circumvented in spring code.

My current plans are:

1) Try to patch system libc++ and try 3.4 again to check if that's
clang 3.3 specific, however that won't help the port anyway as I
libc++ can't be patched on all 10.0 systems.
2) Try to debug TLS access further. That'd be quite painstaking.
3) Write to clang maillist, maybe it's a known problem

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