In reference to a problem someone reported on the freebsd-mobile mailing
list, I took a look at the handling of the FTP_PASSIVE_MODE environment
variable in libftpio.  What I found was that it would use passive ftp
based on if the environment variable was set or not and didn't acutally
check it's value.  I wrote a patch for it that makes it also consider the
value of the variable.  This will save some confusion for people that
follow the login that since FTP_PASSIVE_MODE=YES seems to make ftp use
passive mode that FTP_PASSIVE_MODE=NO should make it not use passive
mode.  This isn't the case with the current handling of it.

Please take a look at the PR I put together bin/18103 and let me know if
this is a good (enough) fix for the problem.

The patch can aslo be found at:

Sorry for the cross post.  I'm not exactly sure what's the best mailing
list for this.

Thanks to Ross A Lippert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> for pointing this out.

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