"Eric D. Futch" wrote:

> [snippets deleted]

> You can see how they differ in handling FTP_PASSIVE_MODE.
> Someone (sorry I can't remember your name :)) suggested a better
> way of doing the if... take a look at:
> http://quake.nyct.net/~efutch/FreeBSD/ftpio.c.patch-2

Actually that is wrong, as the above patch has the wrong default behaviour.

It should read something like:

+    cp = getenv("FTP_PASSIVE_MODE");
+    if (cp && strncasecmp(cp, "NO", 2)==0)
+        ftpPassive(fp, FALSE);
+    else if (cp)
+        ftpPassive(fp, TRUE);

Or basically just use the same code from src/lib/libftpio/ftpio.c :)


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