On Wed, 19 Feb 2014 06:32:07 -0800 (PST) Robert_Burmeister wrote:
> As I use the Gnome2 desktop, I am unclear as to the recommended best
> practice.
> Base iconv and ports libiconv conflict, so one or the other should be used.
> FreeBSD 10 has been updated so that either base iconv or ports libiconv can
> be used.
> For me to switch between the two requires a two day recompile.
> I removed converters/libiconv for FreeBSD 10, as use of base iconv is now
> more correct.

This conflict has been resolved so both can be installed at the same
time now.  The intention is that only ports that need libiconv will
use it.  The large majority continues to use base iconv.

> (I was at first elated that iconv was finally in the base system, as
> updating libiconv causes much havok.)

This is actually an issue with libtool which propagates dependencies on
libraries.  Now that glib depends on libiconv everything that depends on
glib will also register a dependency on libiconv even if they don't use
it directly.  This is something we are also trying to solve and then
updates to libiconv will become fairly painless.

> Is there a time frame for adding GNU iconv extensions to the base system
> iconv? i.e. FreeBSD 10 or Freebsd 11?

Nobody is working on that as far as I know.
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