* Don Lewis <truck...@freebsd.org> [2014-02-24 00:56]:
> On 23 Feb, Lucius Rizzo wrote:
> > * Andreas Nilsson <andrn...@gmail.com> [2014-02-23 09:33]:
> >> Imho, the replacement to init and rc-scripts I sometimes think about
> >> would be to import SMF from opensolaris/illumos. There one can at
> >> least get the commands run and config used without looking at the
> >> source code.
> > 
> > I like SMF from Solaris 11 onwards and even SmartOS. However, I have
> > found to like systemd and use via systemctl on Arch far nicer than any
> > other rc scripts to date. 
> > 
> > Anyone care to share their thoughts on the pros and cons of something
> > like systemd the way Arch does?
> I've got a Fedora server here that has systemd and I've come to dislike
> it.  It seems to be one of those "Do not open.  No user serviceable
> parts inside." sorts of things.

I had an entirely different experience - albeit on Arch. I had to use
systemd via systemctl for pretty much everything to build on the
machine. I use btrfs + linux-ck on Arch with systemd. In order to get
stuff to work, I had a pretty detailed  learning  experience with
systemd when I helped on the sendmail AUR port for Arch including
writing/enabling scripts to work with journald and systemd. 

Naturally, I'm somewhat surprised to see the the author's attitude
towards licensing and non-Linux support. Its rare to come across devs
who are zealous to such a degree. 

However, there seems to be an agreement at least in part to modernize or
optimize the boot-up/rc env in FreeBSD.

I don't know for most of you but for me, while this is interesting...I
almost never really reboot that often for me to actually see a real
advantage of a 3 sec boot-up difference by throwing away what we have and
migrating to something else. 

Which is why we should also consider more than just boot-up times -- for
me having a newer more intelligent way to manage rc environment might
bear more interest than a few second boot difference that I only see
once in a blue moon.

Though, now I am also at a point where I know commands in -
Debian/CentOS/Arch, BSD (FreeBSD/NetBSD) and Solaris 10/11/SmartOS (all
with different ways of doing thing). What's annoying is that each of
these OS/flavors have nuances in use of their rc scripts and while
^now^ it doesn't bother me at all, I imagine it may for a newb. 

In most cases, everything works. But when it doesn't, its  annoying to
remember svcadmin vs systemctl vs /etc/init.d vs service vs /etc/rc.d/
along with all the other commands just to check the logs...


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