>  Hi all, the gnash port is broken from two months ago , because have problem
>  with the boost ports (link problem)
>  Have other ports to emulate flash as browser plugins?
> Rizzo

I have gnash 0.8.10_7 installed on FreeBSD 9.2-STABLE, and it quit working with 
the last update.

Before then, it worked on YouTube but very little else.

There is swfdec, but I never got that to run, maybe because gnash as plugin 
prevented swfdec from activating.

There is also lightsparc, but I haven't found that in FreeBSD ports collection, 
or NetBSD pkgsrc either.

Maybe build and install wine and download 32-bit Adobe Flash plugin?  Wine only 
runs on i386 but can be run from amd64 using /compat/i386.


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