>   I'm using the -current -- FreeBSD valfenda 11.0-CURRENT FreeBSD
> 11.0-CURRENT #16 r263202: Sat Mar 15 00:23:05 BRT 2014
> root@:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/VALFENDA  amd64

>    and the gnash don't work to me. I'm not using the flash plugin (from
> linux emulator) because I think different about this.
>    I'll not use anything that not be native to freeBSD, because in my opnion
> we have to make an effort to convince the big players of software developers
> that FreeBSD is cost effective.
>    If I need to use flash player for some reason, I'll install a linux
> box.   I hate all sites that was created using flash to work.  I have a hope
> about a full HTML5 support in firefox or in opera, and the flash dieing
> slowly
>   This is only my opnion, but some times I would like to see some movies and
> I need some plug-ins to run flash, the  gnash do a good job, but some times
> only work with newest versions of  flash plug-ins

> Rizzo

I'd like to see HTML5 wipe Flash off the surface of the earth.

Some websites use Flash for movies, and others use Flash just to be annoying, 
such as freefilefillableforms.com .

www.gagels.com is all blank without Flash, and laguanajuatoky.com functionality 
is severely limited without Flash.


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