Hi group,

I've been tasked to get bsnmpd V3 working for my company. The post referenced 
in the subject above gave me some insights but I'm still stuck and was 
wondering if you would take the time to answer some questions. I'm a snmpV3 
newbie and have never worked with bsnmpd. I have worked minimally with net-snmp 

First, is there a document listing all of the configuration options in the 
snmpd.confg file? It appears to differ from other packages such as net-snmp.

Are there examples of how to setup a user for authorization and privacy? 
Doesn't the encryption key need to be placed in the config file in addition to 
the hash key (i.e., sha)? If so, what is the syntax? If not, how does the host 
being queried derive the encryption key? For example, if bsnmpwalk on host A 
queries remote host B, how does host B decrypt/encrypt the data?

If host A is going to query several other bsnmp hosts, do all hosts need to 
have the same engine ID? Does host A have to have all V3 users for all hosts 
defined in its snmpd.config?

Could you provide an example bsnmpwalk query that shows how to enter all 
information on the command line when performing a V3 request?

Do you have any examples of how to setup bsnmpd V3 traps?

Lastly, are there any patches required for FreeBSD 10.?

Thanks in advance.

Tony Marciano
Sr. Integration Engineer

REDCOM Laboratories, Inc.
One Redcom Center
Victor, NY 14564-0995

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