Thanks Harti.

I did get the basic V3 configuration working in that I could walk the mib using 
authorization and encryption.

If Shteryana has the time, maybe he would be able to provide me with some 
information needed to configure and test V3 traps.

I don't have his e-mail so if you could forward this to him I would appreciate 



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Hi Anthony,

On Fri, 28 Mar 2014, Marciano, Anthony wrote:

MA>I've been tasked to get bsnmpd V3 working for my company. The post 
MA>referenced in the subject above gave me some insights but I'm still 
MA>stuck and was wondering if you would take the time to answer some 
MA>questions. I'm a snmpV3 newbie and have never worked with bsnmpd. I 
MA>have worked minimally with net-snmp V2.
MA>First, is there a document listing all of the configuration options 
MA>in the snmpd.confg file? It appears to differ from other packages 
MA>such as net-snmp.

I can answer only this question - I'm not very familiar with SNMPv3, but 
Shteryana should be able to help.

No, there is no document with all the setting. The reason is simple: the config 
file is just a set of SNMP SET PDUs executed at startup, SIGHUP or module load. 
The file is segmented into sections by %name lines with all segments having the 
same name beeing put together. At the begin of the file there is an implicit 
%snmpd line.

Each section is a SET PDU. The %snmpd PDU is executed on startup and SIGHUP, 
all other sections are executed when the corresponding module is beeing loaded 
or on SIGHUP if that module is already loaded when the SIGHUP occures.

So any writeable or creatable MIB variable can be put into the configuration 

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