This is the same patch I put up for review two weeks ago.  I got one
    positive comment back and nothing else, so I presume nobody has a 
    problem with it.  I've been running with it for a while but have only
    tested it with a few linux applications (Java (jre, jdk), and the oracle
    installer stuff).

    This patch fixes #! paths in scripts run under linux emulation, causing
    /compat/linux to be searched for the script binary when the script
    is exec'd from a program running under emulation.

    Often linux applications run scripts to do various things.  Without
    this patch these scripts effectively 'break out' of the linux emulation
    (for example, use the FreeBSD version of /bin/sh instead of the linux
    version of /bin/sh) which can cause compatibility problems, especially
    when the scripts run other utilities that they expect to be the linux
    version rather then FreeBSD version (install, cat, grep, etc...)

    I intend to commit this to -current and immediately MFC it to -stable.
    I don't expect there to be any controversy though I'm sure there is a
    cleaner way to do it.


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