:>    I do not consider the linux scripting patch to be a major infrastructure
:>    change, I consider it to be a simple bug fix.  If you have a functional
:>    issue with the patch I'm all ears.  If you disagree with my assessment of
:>    the triviality of the linux scripting patch, then I will ask for a
:>    second opinion from someone who is not quite so jaded in regards to my
:>    commits... say Jordan or DG.
:   I'm sure you're right that the impact is minor. I'm a little uncomfortable
:with immediate MFC's, even though I've been guilty of doing that myself at
:times in the past. Can we perhaps compromise and allow for a one day delay?
:At least that would catch glaring mistakes like mis-applied patches that
:happen sometimes even with highly skilled developers who have only the best
:David Greenman

    Sure, no problem.  I'll tell you what, I'll commit the linux scripting
    patch to 5.x on wednesday as originally planned, but since the SMP MFC
    is being moved to friday (at the very least) I will not MFC the scripting
    patch to 4.x until friday.  ( That is, what I really want to do is to do
    the SMP MFC and the scripting MFC at the same time so people only have
    to recompile their kernel modules once.  It happens to work out
    well ).

                                        Matthew Dillon 
                                        <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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