:>:>     There's another good reason to MFC the linux patch on wednesday... 
:>:>     that is, to do it at the same time the SMP cleanup is MFC'd, and that
:>:>     is because both patch sets require the linux kernel module to be 
:>:>     recompiled and I'd rather not force people to do that twice. 
:>:>     The SMP patchset, in fact, requires that all kernel modules be 
:>:>     recompiled due to the locks that were removed from the spl*() macros.
:   I wonder if they really must be recompiled. It sounds like that would
:improve performance, but is seems like gratuitous locking in this area
:wouldn't necessarily cause things to break.
:David Greenman
:Co-founder/Principal Architect, The FreeBSD Project - http://www.freebsd.org

    The cpl, cml, and interrupt lock variables and initialization of such
    is gone, Kapoof.  And the semantics have changed for a few things as well.

    I haven't actually tested it to see if old modules still load and
    operate properly because doing the testing properly would take more time
    then I have to spend.  If a KLD doesn't use spl*() calls at all it may
    be ok.  I think we should resign ourselves to recompiling the KLD's,

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