> On Mon, Apr 24, 2000 at 02:02:28PM -0500, Richard Wackerbarth wrote:
> > That is also partly why you are also lacking the respect and support of a 
> > wider audience. If you act like FreeBSD is just a "developer's sandbox", 
> > that's what it will be. If you want it to be something greater than that, you
> > must consider what you are doing to third party developers and end users.
> Developers and early adopters are the ones tracking -STABLE. Users are
> installing binary snapshots and releases.

Some users do install snapshots and/or releases.  Snap shots occur on a
regular basis and are affected by this change in API.

> No-one in their right mind would release a module for "4.0-STABLE sometime
> between april and may". They release for 4.0-RELEASE or 4.1-RELEASE,
> this would not cause problems for those people.

Ahh.. the problem occurs with user Z running snap 4.0-stable 4/30 when trying
to use vendor X module for 4.0-release.  Get it??

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