> On Mon, Apr 24, 2000 at 09:27:04AM -0500, Richard Wackerbarth wrote:
> > On a released system, I may not have the sources to recompile the module.
> > It might be a proprietary module that I got with the hardware, for example.
> How real is this?  What modules are we talking about?  The last time
> I queried on `-stable' for users of third-party modules, only one was
> revealed.

Gee, is that perhaps because FreeBSD keeps breaking the ABI to modules
so every vendor that has ever tried to use them has been bitten by the
fact that they have to maintain N version for each branch of FreeBSD???

> Are all modules effected, or only those that use certain interfaces?

Given that this is a change in splxxx() I suspect that it breaks
most modules, but probably not all modules.  A quick grep -l spl * | wc
vs ls | wc shows 77 out of 100, not exact due to probable false hits on
spl, but it gets us the ball park, significant is what is says.

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