On Sun, 23 Apr 2000, Matthew Dillon wrote:

> :In that case I have a strong objection to the SMP patchset being
> :merged to 4.0.  I have kernel modules in object format only that
> :are working now, which this would break :-(.
> :
> :Rod Grimes - KD7CAX @ CN85sl - (RWG25)              
>     This is a legitimate topic for discussion.
>     In general I agree with the concept but I think .0 releases have to
>     have a bit more flexibility, and that 4.0 in particular (due to the
>     rules change made for the BSDI merger) has to be even more flexible.
>     We should be allowed to break kernel module loader compatibility
>     in between a .0 and a .1 release if it is deemed necessary, but that
>     it should be avoided (as much as possible) after the .1 release.

Rather than break the FreeBSD4 modules over which you have no control,
perhaps your arguments should be used to accelerate the 5.0 release
and make 4.x a short lived branch.

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