Chuck Robey wrote:
> I want to bring up a suggestion.  I just want a little bit of argument on
> it ... and if you're violently opposed, just say so, that's fine.

Okay: "so."  :-)

> Do we really need 5 year old history?

Well, unfortunately (and I speak from painful experience), yes.  You never
know what history is going to be needed to understand _this_ particular
change introduced in _this_ six-year-old revision in code that hasn't been
touched since, and that either needs to be changed to fit a new way of
doing things or that has a bug in a path that has apparently never been taken,
ever before.

Hell, some of _my_ code (in my current project) is six years old, and I have
only a dim memory of having written it, much less why I wrote it that way in
the first place.  (Somewhere floating around at a certain university is code
I wrote long ago that would be approaching drinking age were it a human being.
_It_ probably needs history, too, and doesn't have it.  Fortunately, that's
Not My Problem. :-)

The more history, unfortunately for the disk space needs of all of us keeping
copies of the repository, the better.

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