> I want to bring up a suggestion.  I just want a little bit of argument on
> it ... and if you're violently opposed, just say so, that's fine.
> I want to suggest that, once a year, we go thru the cvs archive, and prune
> away all history more than 3 (or maybe 2, maybe 4) years old.

I'm violently opposed to removing it completely.  The only thing I
wouldn't be violently opposed to would be removing 'Attic' files (truly
unused file), and having them stored away somewhere in the tree for
archival purposes.

As far as removing old revisions from files, I'm even more violently
opposed to this.

> This could
> be done without too much pain, I think, in a script.  The purpose is to
> put some kind of cap on growth of the FreeBSD source archive.  While folks
> do sometimes go hunting for hugely old materials in the tree, I normally
> couldn't care less (when browsing) about history that old.

I quite often browse the source code in the tree, in particular I look
through the network code at how it's been modified over the years.

Also, I often-times go through the history.

> Do we really need 5 year old history?

Need?  As far as needs go, we don't need anything but the most recent
versions.  This is how Linux was developed for years, and it's a

The revisions take up very little space, and anyone capable and willing
to look through the history shouldn't mind having to see the history of
the file.  Heck, that's one of the big upsides to using source-code


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