On 2014-06-23 12:39, Alan Somers wrote:
> The projects/zfsd project branch is up to date.  Merging it to CURRENT
> is blocked on these tasks.
> 1) (The biggie) We must resolve the issue with multiple geom opens.
> Geom tries to prevent any two consumers from simultaneously opening
> the same provider.  This is why, for example, you can't do dd
> if=/dev/zero of=/dev/ada0 if your ada0 has a mounted file system.
> However, ZFS internally opens spare devices multiple times.  The only
> way that geom will allow that is if ZFS opens devices non-exclusively.
> That means that you will lose your protection.  Fixing this correctly
> requires deep changes to ZFS to remove the multiple opens.
> 2) Need to merge in zfsd's functional tests.  I'm currently working on
> this issue as time allows.
> 3) It needs a manpage.

I can help with a man page. Is there an outline or readme to start from?

> 4) Various bug fixes need to be merged to the kernel and to LibZFS.
> Coordinating with Illumos makes that process slow.  will@ is working
> on it as time allows.
> 5) libdevctl needs to be made private
> 6) The sequential packet feature added to devd in the zfsd project
> branch at revision r266519 must be merged to head.  It's currently
> waiting for review from imp@ and ian@.
> For TrueNAS, I believe that delphij@ merged an older version of zfsd
> from the project branch.
> -Alan

Allan Jude

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